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2 jaar geleden

Hi & Merry Christmas :D

Your cc is amazing - thank you so much. And, thank you for the Christmas walls and floors; however, there is a duplicate link for two different walls in the St. Louis set - the last row, middle and right walls have the same sfs link and they go to the rightmost wall - #7.

I didn't know if you knew - and I am likely not the only person letting you know.

Hugs & Love,

3 jaar geleden

Nao Funciona!!!! :(

4 jaar geleden

mooie nieuwe kleding....en meubels, dankjewel....

4 jaar geleden

prachtige dingen heb je gemaakt weer, goed bezig...

4 jaar geleden

Hi Sandra!
I just found your page and must say your stuffs are amazing!
Thank you so much for sharing!
I will download everything 😊

4 jaar geleden

Dankjewel voor al die mooie dingen die je maakt....